Deborah Lindholm’s Letter from Liberia

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Letter from Liberia
Author: Deborah Lindholm (Member, Women Moving Millions)
Originally posted on November 11, 2015 on Bold Voices

I have been home in my loved Liberia for more than two weeks now.  This is my tenth year of being in service to the country and people of Liberia.  I feel so blessed.  My life is so enriched by what comes back to me here.  It is selfish service; so much love comes to me here, so much more than I as one person, FFW as one organization, can give.

And I must say that my experience this time after perhaps 20 visits to this country is unique.  There is DESPERATION in capital letters everywhere, beyond what I have ever experienced.

Ebola is over everyone prays, but where is the promised help for the survivors?  Who will take care of the 2000+ orphans?

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Gloria Steinem – My Life On The Road

jacki photoGloria Steinem – My Life on The Road
Author: Jacki Zehner (Member, Women Moving Millions)
Originally posted on October 27, 2015 on LinkedIn

In 1999, I had the honor of receiving the Women Who Make a Difference Award from the National Council for Research on Women. I was being recognized for my work in promoting diversity at Goldman Sachs, and when I discovered that none other than Gloria Steinem would be speaking at the event as well, I was overjoyed. Gloria was someone I had long since admired and respected, and it was a privilege to finally meet her in person.

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